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[ DESMOND REX by jackstrange ]



by jackstrange


Summary Vampire Genesis -- A vampire is born.
Genre Fiction
Rating M
Warnings Suicide may cause immortality!


At dusk on the thirteenth night after his death, Desmond stirred deep within his own chest cavity, in the space where his heart used to be. At that time he did not know where he was or why, or even what he was; he knew only that he was desperately hungry. He turned and twisted inside the corpse, looking for a passage out. Finding none, he bit, sliced and ripped through a brittle lung, then squirmed through the trachea to the larynx, then to the epiglottis, then to the mouth. With the long claws on his thumbs and toes, he pried open the corpse's teeth and lips enough to force his nose and head through, then pushed and pulled his lean, furry body out of the mouth of the corpse and into the vast blackness of the coffin.

Using his wide pointy ears, upturned snout, and various hairs and whiskers on his head and body, Desmond recorded the locations, dimensions and composition of the walls, floor and ceiling of the coffin. Then he stretched his long, webbed arms and fingers, and with his leathery wings thus outstretched, he flipped himself up to the ceiling and grasped the cloth lining with his claws. While hanging there, he slashed the lining with his teeth and began gnawing vigorously at the oak lid of the coffin.




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