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 Post subject: The Vampire's Grave
PostPosted: 1. Nov 2010, 07:21 
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The Vampire’s Grave

Summary: A Vampire on the search for his grave.
Rating: T, because of mentioned death of an animal
Genre: Horror
Warnings: mentioned death of an animal

The night was dark. Daylight had vanished long ago, retreating into its hideout and giving into the indispensable approach of the night and its followers. Pale moonlight pushed in rays through the thick blackness, dividing its veil for those who live in the night. All those creatures, bound with unbreakable rows to the darkness, slowly crept out of their hiding places where sunlight could never do any harm.

Breathing in. Breathing out.

The sounds of the night softly rose from fading noise into the symphony of thousand creatures, each one being a sole instrument, yet combined together; they could form a whole orchestra. There where high sounds made by insects, taking over the role of the flute and violin. The movement of deer’s and foxes in the forest being the tenor and the rumbling footsteps of the darkest creature approaching the scene, sounding like the drums. Rustling of dry leaves up in the top of the trees added to the swirling sound of the night.

Breathing in. Breathing out.

A dark creature arrived at the clearing, slow steps dragging his body into the pale moon light. Gazing up to the moon, it let out a deep groan, hissing up at the lightened ball in hatred. Its body was thin, giving nothing away of the strength it used to hold. The head was bald, only a few strands of the once dark blonde hair remained in disarrangement. Once blue eyes glowed a deep red now, gazing hungrily through the bushes and trees on the look-out for prey. Immediately the symphony of the night’s creatures stopped.

Breathing in. Breathing out.

Hunger was taking over its thinking now, the hatred of the moon forgotten. Turning the torn body towards the forest’s edge, the creature quickened its steps, vanishing into the darkness of the bushes only moments later. Following a deer’s trail that had started a run, the creature was running now, following it deeper into the woods. The forest was silent now, only the dry leaves in the tree tops still rustled, moved by the soft wind. The pale moonlight wasn’t strong enough to fights its way onto the ground of the forest, leaving it to the darkness of the night.

Breathing in. Breathing out.

Following the trail deeper and deeper into the forest, the hunger of the creature grew stronger the closer it came to its prey. The deer had slowed down, moving its ears and head frantically to find the persecutor. Sneaking up on its prey, the creature jumped up suddenly, burying its long and sharp teeth into the muscled neck of the deer. Long gulps sounded through the forest, the movement of the deer becoming weaker with each. Long after the deer stayed still, the creature rose again, now being satisfied.

Breathing in. Breathing out.

The sound of the forest returned, animals and other creatures losing the feeling of threat now that this one dark creature was satisfied. Looking around, the creature recognised where it was, Only few meters away from the rusty and loosely in its hinge hanging gate of the small cemetery. Its steps were directed towards the gates automatically, making a shrieking sound when it was being pushed open after having been forgotten by the town’s people a long time ago. Silently the creature neared a bigger tombstone, its strides slowing down with each step it got nearer as if it was frightened. Finally reaching the old, forgotten grave, it bent down into the dust, a wail of agony leaving its mouth. Looking at the tombstone, its fingers traced the already fading letters softly.

Nate Smith,
1895.08.25 – 1925.09.06
Lost but never forgotten
The Forest’s Ranger

He had finally found it. His grave.


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